The Latest That Has Caught My Attention

    My Review:
 Warm Bodies is not like ANY zombie movie that I've ever seen in my life. Finally, a new approach to something that has been done a billion times! 

The hidden message (it's a wake up call) that I see is a reflection of society and perhaps of future society where people let life pass them by, day in and day out, without any color in their lives just dead inside...dead like a zombie. If you listen to the zombie's internal dialogue, it almost sounds like a human in our world that lives a dull life. Even the intro states how he wishes he should eat more, he should have better posture, he should get out more, he should, he should, he should...  Doesn't that sound a little all too familiar? People keep thinking how they should do this or that, but don't do a damn thing about it.


    Awesome Modern Dance Choreography

    Now, this is what I call dancing with heart and not worrying about conforming to a dance form's technical rules. (That's how I prefer to dance.) In fact, their movements are almost anti-conforming like contorting. Some dancers get so boggled down with the technical stuff or they conform only to the movements they were taught that they can't even just let go to dance with what they feel inside and let their bodies feel the music without sticking to just the movements they were taught. 

    I guess that's why I find most ballet shows boring to watch. They are one of the most technical dance forms. That's why in ballet almost everything looks perfect, straight, with excellent posture, the turns look perfectly mechanical, etc. This is in itself a difficult skill worthy of a different type of praise. Of course, there are exceptions to some ballet shows that won't bore me but that's usually when they go out of the box of the typical ballet form. These are just my personal opinions and my preferences as a non-traditional underground dancer. I'd rather see a non-trained dancer dance with heart than a highly trained dancer dance without emotions.

    All the dancers are just awesome in this video (as you can clearly see the Asian guy is the best...had to point that out with me being Asian and all), plus the song Days Turn Into Nights is by one of my favorite artists - Delerium:

    I like the first half of this dance choreography because of its creativity:

    Just Interesting

    The movies below are not on my favorite lists, but being the movie buff/artist that I am, I just felt a need to share these...each with a different reason for being interesting. The reasons are stated in my notes next to each movie poster.

    House of Leaves

    My Comments:
    I heard about this mysterious book and when I first flipped through the book I was even more intrigued by the odd arrangements of words on the pages. Sometimes a paragraph would be printed backwards or there'd be just one single word on the entire page. Of course, not every page in the book is printed strangely. Most of the time, I noticed a certain clever creativity in the arrangements of words if and when the print was abnormal. For example, a sentence described a person going down the stairs so that sentence would be in the shape of a downwards flight of stairs. As you can see in one of the sample pages I provided below, there is a letter begging for forgiveness and the arrangement of the words on that page reflects how mentally consumed the person is with the desperate need for forgiveness. Sometimes I can't figure out why a page is printed oddly, but usually there's a creative reason. If you do an image search on google, you'll see a bunch of sample pages along with crazy stuff because this book originally circulated among those in the underground scene.

    I must admit that I didn't finish reading House of Leaves. It's a big thick book! I stopped about a quarter to half way into it because it can be somewhat exhausting and at times it dragged on too long. However, my friend who recommended it assured me that the patience is worth it at the end. I guess I'll have to pick it up again in the future to finish it and exercise my patience. But it was definitely interesting to read in the beginning! House of Leaves makes for a great collection or something to intrigue your house guests with.

    Had The Blair Witch Project been a book instead of a film, and had it been written by, say, Nabokov at his most playful, revised by Stephen King at his most cerebral, and typeset by the futurist editors of Blast at their most avant-garde, the result might have been something like House of Leaves. Mark Z. Danielewski's first novel has a lot going on: notably the discovery of a pseudoacademic monograph called The Navidson Record, written by a blind man named Zampanò, about a nonexistent documentary film--which itself is about a photojournalist who finds a house that has supernatural, surreal qualities. [...] -John Ponyicsanyi

    Danielewski's eccentric and sometimes brilliant debut novel is really two novels, hooked together by the Nabokovian trick of running one narrative in footnotes to the other. [...] Zampano, a blind Angelino recluse, dies, leaving behind the notes to a manuscript that's an account of a film called The Navidson Report. In the Report, Pulitzer Prize-winning news photographer Will Navidson and his girlfriend move with their two children to a house in an unnamed Virginia town in an attempt to save their relationship. One day, Will discovers that the interior of the house measures more than its exterior. More ominously, a closet appears, then a hallway. [...] They discover a vast stairway and countless halls. The whole structure occasionally groans, and the space reconfigures, [...]. Nevertheless, the novel is a surreal palimpsest of terror and erudition, surely destined for cult status. (Mar.) - Reed Business Information, Inc.

    Sample pages from the book:

    Minority Report (the short story version)

    My Comments:
    I watched the movie version of this story first. Then one day at the library's science fiction section, I stumbled across this unique looking small, narrow, top-bound, vertical hardcover book that flips vertically (you flip open the pages from the bottom like those old school notepads). Of course, I recognized the title by the movie, but it was the unique physical traits of this particular version of Minority Report that intrigued me. Even some of the pages are printed in a creative way. Philip K. Dick's stuff is never dull. 

    This is in short story format, not the typical novel length. If you like collecting unique looking books, this is one of them. Don't mistakenly get the other printed versions, make sure it looks like this one and is hardcover.

    In the world of The Minority Report, Commissioner John Anderton is the one to thank for the lack of crime. He is the originator of the Precrime System, which uses "precogs"--people with the power to see into the future--to identify criminals before they can do any harm. Unfortunately for Anderton, his precogs perceive him as the next criminal. But Anderton knows he has never contemplated such a thing, and this knowledge proves the precogs are fallible. Now, whichever way he turns, Anderton is doomed--unless he can find the precogs's "minority report"--the dissenting voice that represents his one hope of getting at the truth in time to save himself from his own system. - (from the inside flap)


    In Paprika, prepare to enter the realm of fantasy & imagination where reality & dreams collide [...]. The magical tale centers on a revolutionary machine that allows scientists to enter & record a subject's dream. After being stolen, a fearless detective & brilliant therapist join forces to recover the device before it falls into the hands of a dream terrorist [...]. - Amazon