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    My Review:
 Warm Bodies is not like ANY zombie movie that I've ever seen in my life. Finally, a new approach to something that has been done a billion times! 

The hidden message (it's a wake up call) that I see is a reflection of society and perhaps of future society where people let life pass them by, day in and day out, without any color in their lives just dead inside...dead like a zombie. If you listen to the zombie's internal dialogue, it almost sounds like a human in our world that lives a dull life. Even the intro states how he wishes he should eat more, he should have better posture, he should get out more, he should, he should, he should...  Doesn't that sound a little all too familiar? People keep thinking how they should do this or that, but don't do a damn thing about it.



    Niichan said...

    This movie was soo under rated.. He is so adorable and the movie was great. Saw it twice

    webmaster4jade said...

    Yeah, I agree. Their chemistry almost reminds me of The Twilight movie.