Awesome Modern Dance Choreography

Now, this is what I call dancing with heart and not worrying about conforming to a dance form's technical rules. (That's how I prefer to dance.) In fact, their movements are almost anti-conforming like contorting. Some dancers get so boggled down with the technical stuff or they conform only to the movements they were taught that they can't even just let go to dance with what they feel inside and let their bodies feel the music without sticking to just the movements they were taught. 

I guess that's why I find most ballet shows boring to watch. They are one of the most technical dance forms. That's why in ballet almost everything looks perfect, straight, with excellent posture, the turns look perfectly mechanical, etc. This is in itself a difficult skill worthy of a different type of praise. Of course, there are exceptions to some ballet shows that won't bore me but that's usually when they go out of the box of the typical ballet form. These are just my personal opinions and my preferences as a non-traditional underground dancer. I'd rather see a non-trained dancer dance with heart than a highly trained dancer dance without emotions.

All the dancers are just awesome in this video (as you can clearly see the Asian guy is the best...had to point that out with me being Asian and all), plus the song Days Turn Into Nights is by one of my favorite artists - Delerium:

I like the first half of this dance choreography because of its creativity:

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