My name is Jade and this is a site of all my favorite things that I would personally recommend...because they are my favorite!  I absolutely will NOT post anything I wouldn't recommend.

As you can see from my posts, my most favorite genre for movies/books is science fiction.  The sci-fi themes I love most are metaphysical physics and quantum physics which include time travel, alternate universes, parallel dimensions, alternate realities, worm holes, black holes, dream states, & time/space paradoxes. Along the same lines is the fantasy genre. I just like stories that make the impossible possible because I like to entertain the possibilities of the stories being possible.

My next favorite genre would be stories that have a lot of wisdom, spiritual or practical, and are thought-provoking.  Inspirational and motivational movies are included.  Any story that I find enlightening would fit, too.

I like some psychological thrillers, supernaturalromance, drama, & action, too, if they are really good so if I posted one of those up then there must've been something in it that caught my attention.  For romance or drama, there are some (not all) movies or books that have offbeat/weird/strange/odd characters or styles because I find non-ordinary things interesting.  In action movies, I seek to be impressed by the creativity of the stunt choreography or to be fully engaged by the action itself which is not easy since I have a short attention span.

For music, I like all genres as long as they're really good, but my top favorite would be music that have a dreamy sounding female vocal with ambient or new age sounding background music.  My next favorite would be alternative rock & pop rock. Along the same order would be 80's music.

Feel free to recommend anything that you think I might like according to the styles I already have on my favorite lists.  If I REALLY like it then I'll add it.  Anyone can add comments to anything I have posted without having to sign in or register so if you want to add your opinion to a posting, you're welcome to.

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Anonymous said...

As for the books you have listed, my favorite I suspect would be The Alchemist. The Time Machine by H.G. Wells is intriguing too. Thank you for sharing.